12th Apr 2013

A trip to the butchers... Sri Lankan Style

As many Sri Lankan's are vegetarians, butchers are an uncommon site as you travel through the country. Meat is also relatively expensive compared to vegetables and seafood, so many locals cannot afford it. Most towns do have a butchers to cater for the meat eaters but they aren't always easy to find. This tiny butchers in Galle; on the Southwest coast of the Island, was tucked away to say the least. As I wondered through side streets and back alleys, I wondered if Id ever find it. But thanks to a few helpful tuktuk drivers and a friendly neighbour, I had finally arrived.

Like the seafood markets, western health and hygiene standards are incomparable. Meat lays unrefrigerated and uncovered. This fact together with the swarms of flies surrounding the immediate vicinity can be quite off putting. But as I've mentioned before; the people of Sri Lanka have been operating in this manner for generations and I have never been ill from eating the food in this country.