17th Mar 2013

Bread Making Adventures from Sri Lanka

Personally, there's nothing better than the smell and taste of warm bread fresh from the oven. At this traditional local bakery in Tissamaharama, just inland on the South East coast of Sri Lanka, the bakers preparations start at 5am. Its really interesting to watch and learn the techniques they use, as almost everything is done by hand, and has been for hundreds of years.

The bread and other doughy items are all cooked in a huge old fashioned bread oven. When all of the goods are ready, the bakery wagons (specially adapted tuk tuks, rickshaws, or mini vans) distribute the produce throughout the local area singing their own little tune. You can hear the bakery wagons from a mile off, so buy your items quick as the wagons' stock soon runs out. It is far cheaper than that sold in the local supermarkets and you are supporting the local baker.
I'd spoken to the bakers on the previous day and they kindly agreed to let me observe and shoot the entire process. Although it was an earlier start than I'm used to, it was defiantly worth it. Here's a few shots from the day.