30th Nov 2011


Filhóses or Velhóses according to the region in Portugal where they are made are sweet pastries made during the holiday season.  Aesthetically they are fantastic and they taste good too.

Food Styling & Photography by Jon Lewin


500g plain flour
2 juicy oranges
50g lard
1tsp of olive oil
1 tbsp of sugar
0.5dl of aguardente (if you don’t have it, use white rum)
2 eggs
50g aniseed (whole)
125g plain flour extra
oil for frying
500g white granulated sugar for the syrup

To Make
Boil the aniseed with 1.25dl of water, once it’s starts boiling drain the aniseed. Sieve the flour to a wide bowl and push it to the side, in that space pour the sieved orange juice and the melted, but cold, lard, the sugar, the olive oil, the aguardente, the beaten eggs and bit of the aniseed tea.
Pull the flour towards the remaining ingredients and start to combine them a bit at the time, keep your hands wet with the aniseed tea while you do this.
Leave it to rest under a towel. The dough will be ready when it starts producing some bubbles which takes about an hour. Once that happens sprinkle the dough with some flour to help it dry.
With the help of some flour, roll out the dough until it’s really fine. Cut into strips of about 7 x20 cm and place on a towel that has been sprinkled with flour.
Heat up the oil.
Pick one of the ends of the strip with your hand and the other end with a fork. Dip the fork end in the hot oil and drop the remaining dough in wrapping it around the fork. Fry until its nice and golden.
Boil sugar with a bit of water until it reaches 110°C. Dip your fried swirls into this syrup and place them on a non sticking baking paper to dry off.