1st Dec 2015

Graphicom Printing Press in Italy

BIG day for me… At the printers in Italy signing off the book. Pretty strange when Jamie Oliver’s Superfood is on the press next to you.

After completing the book, from the photography, the design, the recipe testing and everything else in between; it was the quality of the book that became the most important thing. Hence I went to Italy to one of the best printers in Europe to get the book printed. This is where many of the best quality books are printed including those of world renowned chefs like Jamie Oliver, Heston Blumenthal, Yotam Ottolenghi and Rick Stein. The production quality really is second to none, from the paper quality to the binding process. It was a real experience for me and one that I see as a defining moment in my career.

It was where the first book in the series: The Locals Cookbook – Sri Lanka really came to life from an idea I’d had 5 years previously and it was also the first time I’d seen my designs, photography and food styling in print on mass. A defining moment in my life for sure! Although it was a slightly more expensive option to get the books printed there, it was well worth it. The guys there were so helpful too and as it was my first time, they walked me through the whole process. The rest of the books will now be printed with Graphicom. Check them out at graphicom.it