8th Jul 2014

My First New Zealand Hāngi

Having spent months on end surfing 2-3 times a day with the ever growing crew and cooking up huge feasts out the back of the van, I found myself living in a beach car park near New Plymouth on New Zealands’ North Island. It was here that I came across a super cool guy called Mike, who lived in a bus nearby. We spent about a week at this particular spot. Epic waves, a little river to wash in and when it was flat there was plenty of space to play frizbee, cricket or whatever else we could think of. Having got to know Mike over our time there, he kindly offered to show us how to lay a Hāngi.

The Hāngi is a traditional Māori method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven. To start you build a large fire to heat the rocks and you dig a deep pit in the ground. Next, you place the heated stones into the pit and place the wire baskets of food on top of the stones. Finally, you cover the baskets with wet hessian sacks and earth. You leave the Hāngi for several hours before uncovering and enjoying.

Here’s a few shots from the day and the feast that followed...