22nd Nov 2013

The Locals Cookbook Test Kitchen

Hello and Welcome to The Locals Cookbook Test Kitchen.

As many of you already know, I am in the process of releasing my first cookbook: The Locals Cookbook: Sri Lanka. This will be the first in my series of travel documentary-style cookbooks to hit the shelves. Being the first book, I have been on a mission to get everything perfect and most importantly; the recipes themselves. This is where the idea for the test kitchen was born.

This is where it all happens… Concepts and recipes are tested, spice blends are conjured up and to date, I have tested recipes on over 150 people from all corners of the globe. Recipe testing is paramount to the success of any cookbook and The Locals Cookbook is no exception. The Test Kitchen also doubles up as my home, encompassing a mobile herb garden, a fully stocked spice rack together with every cooking utensil known to man. I even have an office/design studio in which to write up recipes, edit photos and finalise the design of the books.

Having cooked and eaten Sri Lankan food for 10 years, my tolerance to spice is up there with the locals. This makes giving a spice rating to each recipe extremely difficult, as nothing is too hot for me anymore. Having tested many of the recipes on a large demographic of people, I now have a more accurate idea of how spicy the recipes are for everyone else.
To guarantee your success when cooking our recipes at home, we need to test them in an environment akin to that of a domestic kitchen. So I've tried to create exactly that, except for the fact that my kitchen gets about 50km to the gallon and is extremely compact.
If anyone would like to be a part of the testing process, I am usually cooking up at Manu Bay in Raglan, New Zealand. Alternatively, any of you who wish to try cooking some of the recipes before the book is released, I would be happy to send out a few for you to try at home.
I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in the project so far and welcome any new comers to The Locals Cookbook Test Kitchen.
Have a good day/night everyone, I'm off back to the kitchen where I belong…