12th Apr 2013

The Ultimate Seafood BBQ with Rasika,


Up until a few months ago, I'd only ever met one Sri Lankan Rasta. Whilst on a recent surf trip down south with friends, I came across the second.
Rasika is now a good friend of mine and we cook together whenever I visit. He is a super mellow guy and is always extremely welcoming.

Having travelled to many destinations around the world, Rasika's style of cooking is extremely diverse as well as being very natural. He doesn't use measurements and instead cooks with his instincts. The food is always fantastic. Located right on the Southern most point of the Island, his small guest house: "Up Rising" is a stones throw away from the beach, and some of the longest waves I've ever ridden.

Like me, Rasika loves his reggae and this bellows from the guest house day and night creating a super mellow atmosphere. This also makes it a hard place to leave and I try and go back whenever I can.

Before our mammoth BBQ adventure, we went to Matara to the fish markets and returned with kilo's of various types of fish and plenty of prawns. We fired up the BBQ and got to work in the kitchen preparing the food.  Here's a few pictures from our latest feast.