22nd Nov 2013

The Wild Pigs of Te Toto Gorge

Meet these two curious little piglets. They used to live right outside our van but have been missing for the last week or so. I am devastated about this as I was in the process of fattening them up ready for an epic feast. I spent weeks gaining their trust and even had them eating out of my hand.

I know what some of you must be thinking, how can I eat such cute little animals? I do see where you're coming from, but I am a great believer in knowing where your food comes from, and for me, this is just a natural part of life. I've had many animals in the UK that have been cultivated for my dinner plate and I have come to the conclusion that this is the only way to eat. The meat is far tastier than that found in the supermarkets, and nothing beats fresh home-smoked chorizo from my pigs.

I'd like to think that they will return but having waited a week already, I hold out little hope. They must have sensed their imminent slaughter, either that or someone else had the same ideas as I did. If any of the Raglan crew have any ideas as to their whereabouts please let me know. You will be rewarded in deliciously succulent spit roasted pork.

Oink Oink!!!